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Progress of productivity in cutting technology by advanced theoretical methods as part of a study by FH Oberösterreich.
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Our software will revolutionise your metal cutting process.

CuttingSpeed - software which offers the revolutionary facilitation of the metal cutting process design based on efficient specified values.

In doing so the formerly most complex design processes become extremely simple for the user. In only 3 operating steps to precise manufacturing guide values.

Based on similarity mechanics, a cross-process and mathematical description of the coherence between tool wear and cutting parameters is produced. The metal cutting process is reduced to dimensionless indicators thanks to the inclusion of kinematics, mechanics and thermo-mechanics.

In contrast to a „purely“ mechanical view, in which the wear is described empirically in strength properties, when applying thermo-dynamics the dimensionless indicators show the dominant influence of temperature on the wear and on the cutting performance.

These dimensionless indicators provide reference values for the demarcation of the economic applications of the tools and the coherence between the wear and the analytical cutting data in this field.

We too are restricted by the physical laws.
In contrast to other providers, however, Cuttingspeed fully applies these physical laws!

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feeding calculator


cutting speed parameters


grinding speed calculator


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The difference

Benefits compared to conventional processes

without CuttingSpeed

  • Cutting data are determined according to manufacturer specifications in tool catalogues or in manufacturer data banks
  • Attempt to trim (improve) the cutting data on the machine by trial and error
  • Where applicable: selection of an alternative tool for improved cutting data

with CuttingSpeed

  • Calculation of the optimum cutting values based on the maximum capacity of the tool & machine
  1. + simple operation
  2. + time-saving
  3. + tool protection
  4. + greater efficiency
  5. + more profit
with Cutting Speed calculator

How it works

In only 3 steps to the optimum metal-cutting process

Cutting Speed how it works

Let yourself become your own die design pope.

  1. Name the material and machine type
  2. Give precise specifications for the required metal-cutting process
  3. The result is the optimum metal-cutting configuration - precise and without iteration

You will be surpised how much optimisation potential your current manfacturing process has!


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